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1.justin once told a fan “your sexy”. then the fan then happy cried and nearly fainted

2.justin has over 30 hats.

3. justin comes off strong and confident around girls, but inside he his nervous and shy

4. justin said if he could be any animal, he would be a Liger 

5. justin thinks that a true man would show the girl that he loved EVERY day, not just on Valentines day.

6. justins hat size is a 7 and a quarter.

7. justin blushes when a cute girl smiles at him.

8. justin does believe in long-lasting relationships, but not long-distance.

9.  justin said “I think I can grow as an artist, and my fans will grow ith me”

10.justin dedicated “stuck in the moment” to a fan.

11. when people ask justin how he broke up foot, justin says he was on a safari in africa and an orangutan attacked him.

12.  teenage boys are actually paying a lot of money, up to $150, to get bieber’s hairstyle.

13. justin loves Easter because he can spend some time with his family.

14. Justin got paid $400,000 for his first album.

15.  once justin was at the dentist and the dentist sneezed, so justin bit his hand.

16. justin has to shave his armpits, his mom makes him.

17. when justin tweets from EchoFon, he’s on his iPhone.

18.  when justin tweets from UberTwitter, he’s on his Blackberry.

19. justin hired a personal trainer to help justin bulk his body.

20. justin recently gave the first pitch at the White Sox game.

21. justin claims he’s a good guy and reaches out to his fans as much as possible.

22. when justin says something stupid, his friends slap him in the back of the head. it helps him realize he’s still normal.

23. justin is still good friends with the girl he danced with and kissed in the Bahama’s.

24. justin gains an average of 11,000 followers a day. about 2-4 followers per second.

25. Justins mom said that justin was a screaming and wild baby.

26.  justin loves reminding his fans how much they mean to him and how special they truly are.

27. justin gets carsick when he’s in the car for a long time.

28.  justin listens to all of his music on his albums to remind himself of how far he has come.

29.justins my world album went platinum only 3 months after it was released.

30. justin took his first crush to a jewelry store.

31. justin hates eggs.

32. justin likes girls with dark hair and dark eyes.

33.  justin also has replied ‘DAMN STRAIGHT’ when someone tweeted him about his fans being amazing and the most supportive.

34. justin once said ‘HOLY CRAAAP!’ about him being a TT for the first time.

35.  justin hasn’t taken any singing lessons before his fame, but now he has to, so he can get better at singing

36. justin wishes there was a ‘follow all’ button so he could follow all of his fans.

37. Justin likes girls who are confident about their looks and body and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

38. : justin hopes to meet ‘the one’ during his summer tour by meeting a bunch of different girls.

39. for People Magazine, justin was named one of the worlds most beautiful people.

40. justin and jasmine villegas were seen sitting together at the KCA’s and had a deep conversation backstage alone.

41. people actually mistaked Scooter’s girlfriend for justins girlfriend as they were seen at the Black Eyed Peas concert

42. justins bike is purple.

43. Justin grew, he is now 5’5 :)

44. tayor swift is protective over justin.

45.  Justin cares for all of his fans, even his younger ones

46. justins big smile means he’s having a good time and is comfortable with the people around him.

47.  justins closed mouth grin means that he’s trying to be nice to people around him, although he has alot on his mind.

48.  when justin has a half smile, it means he wants to get to know you better.

49. selena has a crush on justin. justin thinks she’s cute, but they’re just good friends.

50. justin loves the smell of pizza, thats why he smells it before eating it.

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